Liner Top Packer

  • Prevent gas migration while cement setting and during production
  • Equipped with hold down slips for better holding capability
  • Can be rotated while running in hole and during cementing
  • Hold up to 12,000 psi with HPHT conditions
  • Design prevents rubber wash out during circulation
Liner 1

Premium Hydraulic Liner Hanger

  • Prevent gas migration while cement setting and during production
  • No reduction of annular by-pass in unset or after set position ( industry first )
  • Dual cone construction adds the highest hanging capacity in the industry
  • Running speed of the hanger is greatly enhanced due to recessed slip design
  • The clutch drive of the setting collar allows for rotating of liner during RIH and cementing
  • No internal connections, high pressure integrity
  • High hanging capacity - rated best in industry
Liner 2

Tie-back Equipment

  • Tie-back seal nipple facilitates the entry into the polished bore receptacle
  • Creating a superior seal
  • Orifice float collar OFC is normally postponed one point above the seal nipple
  • OFC prevents hydraulic blockage as the seal is engaged in the receptacle
  • OFC also serves as a stop for the cement plug
Liner 3

Mechanical Rotating Setting Tool

  • Incorporates setting dogs assembly for setting liner top packer
  • Bearing race is used to transfer additional weight in high angle wells
  • Short length ( about 400 mm) for easy transportation and assembly
  • Single piece mandrel for better integrity
Liner 4

Hydraulic Landing Collar   

  • Used to catch the setting ball for setting the hanger
  • Fully field adjustable
  • Incorporates a latching profile for catching liner wiper plug
  • Plugs latched into profile work as backup seal for the float equipment
Liner 5


  • Used to wipe drill string and liner
  • Liner wiper plug has anti-rotation feature for easy drill out
  • Act as a back up seal for the float equipment
Liner 6-1

Hydro-Mechanical Stage Tool  

  • It is designed for maximum operational flexibility  
  • Able to operate both mechanical and hydraulic
  • Can be installed in deviated or horizontal wells
  • No welds are used on any portion of the tool
  • Robust tool steel anti rotating locking mechanism for drill out
  • Extremely applied non interfering shear pins
Liner 7.1