Hydraulic Set Packers

  • DLH Hydraulic set single string retrievable packer
  • Hydroset II  Hydraulic set dual string packer
  • Hydroset IV Hydraulic set single string retrievable packer
  • Permanent Hydraulic Isolation Packer Handling large weight
  • DLESP Packer ESP Packer
    • Manufactured by D&L USA facility
Completion 1

Mechanical set Packers

  • ASI-X Packer Hydraulic set single string double grip packer
  • VSI-X Packer  Hydraulic set single string double grip packer set on wireline
  • JettSet Packer  Versatile mechanically set retrievable packer
  • AS-II Large-opening, compression-set packer with mechanical slip hold-downs
Completion 2

Permanent Set packers

  • PermaPak Packer Single Bore High Pressure and temperature PermaPak Packer Dual Bore
  • Hydraulic PermaPak Packer Hydraulic set seal bore packer
  • WALK wireline adapter Kit for PermaPak
  • PermaPak Accessories:
    • Seal bore extension
    • Millet extension
    • Anchor latch assembly
    • Seal Units
    • Snap latch assembly
    • Locator seal Assembly
Completion 3

Service Tools

  • HD Retrievable Packer For squeeze cementing, formation frac, HP acidizing
  • AS Retrievable Plug  High pressure retrievable service plug
  • Hydro Plug  Have excellent running characteristics and secure sets
  • ADLT Retrievable Packer  With Hydraulic hold down
  • Bridge Plugs  
  • HD Abandonment Packer
  • Model H hydraulic Running Tool
Completion 4

Anchor and Tools Accessories

  • Hydraulic Tubing Anchor
  • PeTrilobite Quarter Turn Anchor   
  • HTM Anchor Catcher  
  • Drag Block Tubing Anchor Catcher
  • ASI-X Anchor
  • D2 on off Tool
  • Profile Nipples
  • Expansion Joint
  • Pump Out plug
  • Tubing and Casing Swivels
Completion 5